July 13th, 2021

Climbing is back!


The province has confirmed fitness centres can reopen with restrictions starting this Friday. Here's what you need to know about our reopening:


  • Climbing is available starting Friday July 16th at 5:00pm.

  • Reservations open on Wednesday July 14th at 12:00pm (noon).

  • At this time, we are reopening to members and 10 Punch Pass holders only. Individuals who need to purchase or renew a membership/10 punch pass can do so on arrival at the gym, or call ahead to purchase in advance.

  • Day Passes will be back very soon, we just need a bit more time until we better understand our new capacity limit and how many we can offer without affecting the quality of our climbing experience.

  • Properly fitted, multi-layer masks are required at all times in the building, including while climbing. 




  • Your booking is now for an "in" time to the gym. Intakes happen every hour.

  • Bookings will continue to open exactly one week before.

  • The suggested visit length is 2 hours. We are not at this point enforcing a finish time, however if an area of the gym becomes too crowded, we reserve the right to ask climbers who have been here for over 2 hours to wrap up their session.

  • To ensure we don't overcrowd our climbing areas, boulders and routes remain their own separate bookings.

  • Switching between routes and bouldering between intake times is not permitted. You will need to make a reservation in the other climbing area for when you are done in the first.

  • At this time, we are limiting visits to 3 climbs per week (routes and bouldering combined, not 3 of each).

  • You will still need to check in and out at the desk for contact tracing.

  • Spots can be cancelled up to one hour beforehand with no penalty. Both phone and online cancellations are available (an Online Booking Profile is required for the latter). Please call ahead if you are running late!

  • We've eased up many restrictions but are still running with a limited capacity. Please be considerate towards other members and cancel as far ahead as possible. Repeated missed bookings will be subject to a no-show fee.




  • All accounts have been frozen since our closure in April. If your account was frozen from a previous shutdown, it has remained frozen this entire time.

  • If you're not ready to come back just yet, your membership will remain on hold until your return.

  • Email kevin@junctionclimbing.com with any questions about your individual membership status or if you'd like to cancel your automatic billing membership.


Please keep in mind that the above are subject to change as we learn how to operate under the new restrictions. The staff who are helping you each day have no authority to make exceptions to any of these policies. If you have a question, concern, or any other feedback please reach out to our owners through owners@junctionclimbing.com.


We also want to thank everyone as we approach the end of a long, unusual, and stressful time. We're happy to still be here, and are deeply appreciative to live in a place that has supported us financially, cared for us medically, and vaccinated us quicker than most of the world.


As we restart, please remember that our staff have spent the year pivoting through shutdowns, lockdowns, phases, stages, and zones. We have each walked a different path this past year, and for many it has been an exhausting time of anxiety, overwork, fear, and even loss. Please be patient and understanding with us and others while we relearn how to be ourselves again.


We can't wait to see everyone again.


John, Dave, and the Junction crew

Book your entry time below - there is no set exit time and you may stay as long as you like (suggested visit length is 2 hours). We reserve the right to ask those who have been here for longer than 2 hours to wrap up their session if the gym is reaching full capacity.