September 16th, 2021

As you are likely aware by now, the Province of Ontario announced that starting Wednesday September 22, 2021, all persons 12 and older attending recreation facilities such as Junction to participate, spectate, or supervise must show:

  • proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19

  • that 14 days have passed since final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine

  • valid ID (if 17 and under the parent must show valid ID)

Coming to the the gym to visit our pro-shop, dropping off or picking up climbers, or using a washroom does not require this proof.

The below FAQ outlines how we will be fulfilling our obligation to enforce this mandate. Thank you for your patience and consideration throughout this process.


Where do I get my proof of vaccination?

Click on this link to view your receipt. You will need to download and show us a digital copy on your phone or print out a paper copy.


What if I got vaccinated in another country?

Click on this link for the list of what qualifies as a valid full vaccination according to the Province of Ontario.


What ID will you accept?

Any piece of government-issued ID will work, such as a birth certificate, driver's licence, health card, or passport. Photo ID is not required.


Are masks still required?



Can I email you my proof of vaccination?

No, it has to be shown in person.


I forgot my proof/ID. Can I bring it next time?

No. You won't be able to climb.


What if I ask really nicely? I've been climbing with you for years.

Then you'll know we've been really diligent in our COVID policies.


What if I get angry at a policy Junction has no control over? Will yelling work?

No. Any mistreatment of staff will result in your day pass/membership being revoked without refund.


I can't/don't want to show proof. What happens to my membership?

Throughout COVID, we have permitted freezes for any reason. Go to the membership change request form on our website or email to request one.


I hadn't planned to get a vaccination but since I can't live without climbing, now I am. Can I climb partially vaccinated?

Awesome! But unfortunately, no. Go to the membership change request form on our website or email and ask for your membership to be frozen until your vaccinations are valid.


Are you recording my vaccination status?

No. We are exploring ways to speed up check-ins while meeting the regulations. Until that time, you will be required to show proof each time.


Isn't that kind of annoying?

A little bit. But not really when you think about it.


Can I arrive earlier than my booking time?

Yes, but please be patient with staff if it takes longer than you expect.


I have a child enrolled in weekly classes. Does this apply to them?

Parents with children 12 and older registered in one of our programs will receive an email with policies specific to our youth programs.


A new vaccination app is being released by the province on October 22. Will I have to show proof again?

Probably. We only got these regulations a week in advance, we likely will get the same limited notice for new rules.


I have a protected medical exemption, how do I show this?

Please contact at least 72 hours ahead of your booking so that we can process it correctly and confidentially.


I have a complicated situation that you haven't covered in your post.

Please reach out to for clarifications.


Thanks for doing all this work! I love your staff and want them to know it!

We appreciate it! Treats from local businesses like La Noisette Bakery, So Inviting, Nova Era, and more will keep our desk staff fueled and processing things as fast as they can.

Enforcing this mandate is a new role for our staff to take on. This policy and the procedures above may change without notice as we learn more or are given new directives from the province or other authorities. We thank customers for their patience as there will be additional work for our floor staff during processing times. Please be kind with them and each other, this is a new step for all of us.


Also, please know that Junction staff do not have any authority or ability to make exceptions, override, or otherwise ignore these policies. Any attempt to argue, intimidate or otherwise compel staff to contravene what is stated below will be denied, and may result in, amongst other consequences, the termination of memberships without refund, or being banned from the property. Please direct any comments or questions to our management.


Lastly we are deeply appreciative of the researchers, healthcare workers, and public health teams who have cared for us, protected us, and are leading us out of this pandemic. We are in debt to them for their labours.