Due to COVID-19 we are not offering Fundamentals lessons at this time.

We will remove this message once bookings reopen.

Climbing Fundamentals

Climbing Fundamentals is a one-on-one, hour-long class, adaptable to both beginners and advanced climbers. Our experienced instructors will assess your current climbing abilities and help improve your technique where you need it most. Under the guidance of our friendly and encouraging instructors, you will learn tips and techniques for routes and bouldering to gain confidence and send your projects!

Price: $45 per person (includes HST)

Training Fundamentals

Training Fundamentals is a one-on-one, hour-long class, adaptable to both beginners and advanced climbers. It's designed to assess your strength building goals, help you work on projects, and guide you through injury prevention. The class will also teach you how to safely and effectively use the varied equipment in our training room to improve your climbing ability!

Price: $45 per person (includes HST)

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