updated August 19th, 2020

Hello members,


As you may have heard, Junction is able to re-open under Ontario’s COVID-19 Phase 3 framework. This is an exciting step for us and our province and we are deeply appreciative of the sacrifices made by all to help us get to this place. While in some ways things are returning to normal, the reality is this disease remains present within our community. As a result, for the foreseeable future we’ll be operating differently from what you have known.


The most significant change is that all visits now require an advance booking. Drop-ins are not possible at this time and we hope to add them in the future. Booking a timeslot is essential to ensuring we do not exceed legislated capacity limits. More details on booking and a link are below.


The second major part of our COVID-19 strategy is that masks will be required as per the City of London By-Law PH-20. They will be available for purchase if you do not have your own. This is due to the following considerations:


  • The risk of acquiring COVID-19 increases dramatically during periods of intense breathing and time spent sharing common space. With a typical visit lasting about two hours, the amount of shared air with a potential carrier is higher than other business environments.

  • The risk of exposure for our staff with potentially hundreds of visiting climbers each day is simply too great for us to feel comfortable.

  • There are elements of our facility and climbing in general which make staying 6 feet apart impossible.

  • Unlike some fitness equipment, It is not possible or practical to sanitize every single climbing hold on the wall between climbers.


The third major item is members will no longer scan in. You must check in at the desk where staff will confirm your booking, and then check out by letting the staff know you are leaving.



  • Between July 20th and September 9th, any existing members or 10 punch pass holders’ first visit back has no charge and we will not reactivate your membership yet. At your second visit, you have the choice of either reactivating your membership or freezing your remaining membership and using 10-punch passes or purchasing day passes instead.

  • If you wish to keep your membership frozen, we are waiving the freeze fee for the time being. Please contact us with a written request either by email ( or use our membership change form (select the “other request” option).

  • All remaining memberships will be reactivated on September 10th 2020, except for those who have indicated they wish their account to remain frozen. Members will receive an additional notification via the email address on file before this reactivation occurs.

  • If you feel your membership situation does not align with the above, please email


When Visiting:

  • If you have reason to believe you have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, please do not climb. This includes those who have travelled outside of Canada and are required by government order to quarantine for 14 days.

  • If you or anyone in your group display symptoms of COVID-19 while in the facility, you will be asked to leave.

  • If you suspect exposure, do not enter the building until you have tested negative for COVID-19 or have been symptom-free for 14 consecutive days.

  • To eliminate time in change rooms, please come dressed to climb and change out of climbing clothes at home.

  • Our water bottle refill station is available. The drinking fountain is not.

  • After checking in at the front desk, wash or sanitize your hands. Continue to do so periodically during your climb session, and once again before you leave.

  • You must have exited the facility by the end of the time slot and check out with the desk staff at departure. Be considerate to those waiting and finish your climbs with enough time to gather your belongings and exit the building by the end of your time slot.


Booking Your Visit:

  • Currently, members or 10-punch pass holders may choose to book either route climbing or bouldering and may not switch to the other during their time slot.

  • Day passes only provide route climbing access. Due to high demand, bouldering is members-only.​

  • Booking is available up to one week in advance. Same-day booking is also available, provided the time slot is not sold out.

  • Members are currently unable to book more than 3 slots per week or back-to-back time slots.

  • Late arrivals do not get an extended finish time. Everyone must exit the facility at the end of the time slot so that our staff are able to clean and let the next group in.

  • Day Pass no-shows are not eligible for a refund. Members who do not attend and do not call to cancel will have a no-show fee of $20 per person added.

  • You may book for your climbing partners, however you are liable for their no-show fees, if any.

  • Children 12 and under with active memberships must visit with a supervising adult 16 or older. Due to capacity limits, supervising adults of day pass visitors have a $10 fee. Adults supervising kids who have a membership/10 pass do not have this charge.

  • Junction strives to be enjoyable to all ages, however due to current operating constraints and rules we recommend visiting with children aged 7 or older.


Other Changes:

  • We’ll be working to maintain the same regular setting schedule, however the entire boulder will be closed for Monday boulder resets to reduce crowding in that area until the setting team has wrapped up their work.

  • To reduce the risk for our setting staff when handling potentially contaminated holds, some route areas will be closed off for a few days prior to their removal.

  • Each washroom/change room is limited to two people at a time.

  • If you experience COVID-19 symptoms within the 14 days following your visit, please notify us as soon as possible to start the contact tracing process. If requested by Public Health, we will be sharing check in-records with them.

  • Even with masks, we strongly encourage respecting the recommended physical distance of 6 feet. Please be respectful of others’ space when climbing nearby and avoid unnecessary personal contact.

  • If you see someone not respecting these guidelines, leaving you feeling uncomfortable, please notify our staff.

  • Our neighbours at Anderson Craft Ales have expanded their patio to use part of the parking lot, and are also operating an outdoor pickup station. Please drive cautiously. Eat O.A. is also serving their amazing food out of Anderson’s - including a walk up ice cream window!


Lastly, please keep in mind that the staff who are helping you each day have no authority to make exceptions to any of these policies. All of the policies above reflect guidance and directions from multiple sources, including, but not limited to, the Climbing Wall Association, the Ontario government, Climbing Escalade Canada, and the Ontario Climbing Gym Operators’ Group. If you have a question, concern, or any other feedback please reach out to our owners through We are appreciative of your patience as we work through what climbing looks like for Junction right now.


Ontario has done well in its efforts to flatten infection rates, and we are reassured having seen infection numbers hold steady after moving from phase to phase. We will continue to monitor the status of COVID-19 in Ontario and adjust our policies as we feel necessary or able. We are also deeply appreciative of the hospital staff, researchers, lab technicians, and other front-line workers who’ve guided us to this place, as well as the actions of our community in doing their part. The last few months have been long, and often lonely. We are ready to be moving on, and believe the plan above will do so in a way that is sustainable.


Welcome back, everyone!


Yours in climbing,

The Junction Staff

We are open for members, 10-punch pass holders, and day passes.

Advance booking required - no drop-ins.

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